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Sunday, May 27th, 2012



On tonight’s Thresholds Radio we talk in depth with my good friend Joe Montaldo, one of the Co-Founders of I.C.A.R.  We will be discussing actual cases of Alien and Military abductions, as well as the mysteries of the Alien agenda     This is a great talk you won’t want to miss it!

International Community for Alien Research
Focusing on the truth of Alien abduction.

We are the world’s premiere Alien abduction and Extraterrestrial contact research organization.
 With thousands of conscious Contactees and tens of thousands of Abductee files, we are dedicated to bringing the truth to the general public about the Extraterrestrial presence, unravelling the mysteries of the Alien agenda and the reality of the abduction experience.
 We offer our dedicated support and understanding to Abductees and Contactees worldwide.


Sunday, May 20th, 2012

On tonight’s Thresholds Radio we have two of my good friends back with us, Jeff Mudgett & Jose Escamilla.

We will be talking with Jeff about the newest information on H.H. Holmes and Jack The Ripper….plus much much more.

With Jose and his good friend Jeff Ferris we will be talking about his upcoming new movie “Celestial” and the rods phenomena.

Here is link to the  amazing 25 Rods video that Jose talks about in today’s show.
25+ RODS flying in formation!


Sunday, May 13th, 2012


On tonight’s Thresholds Radio we have our good friend Steve Bassett from Paradigm Research Group back with us again.

Please note:  Do to a last minute cancellation our second guest wasn’t able to make it, so this weeks show is shorter then normal.


Sunday, May 6th, 2012

On tonight’s Thresholds Radio, we have a extensive interview with Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear talking about Fukushima, and how Japan could still be devastated by a radiological accident that would dwarf Chernobyl if Unit 4 collapses.

We also talk about the fact that we must be 100% nuclear-free at once before we destroy our whole planet !

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